Bend Renew & Protect (Liquid or Capsules)

Optimize your skin from the inside out.  Bend beauty products are oral supplements designed to restore more youthful properties of the skin.  Developed in Dartmouth, award-winning Bend Skincare is now being sold internationally. 

Bend Renew & Protect 

The award-winning formula features 6 active ingredients working in synergy to optimize skin health and longevity. It’s the ideal foundation product for your best skincare regimen.

  • Help improve hydration, elasticity, and firmness
  • Reduces roughness and redness
  • Helps in reducing skin sensitivity to UV induced sunburn
  • Antioxidants for skin health
  • Contains quality, pure and ethically sourced Omega-3 fatty acid EPA, Omega-6 fatty acid (GLA), Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Vitamin D3

Available in 200ml liquid or 120 mini softgel capsules.

1 x 1 Units