Vivier Hyperpigmentation Program (2% HQ) Set

With the Hyperpigmentation Program (2% Hydroquinone) and just 4 minutes a day, you can erase years of skin damage. Vivier's pharmaceutical grade skin restoration program will gently and effectively restore your skin’s vitality so you can enjoy visible improvements in dark spots, aging skin, irregular skin texture and tone.   For mild, moderate to severe skin condition, comes in an elegant Vivier cosmetic case.

Your customized Hyperpigmentation Program (2% Hydroquinone) includes six full size pharmaceutical grade products in an elegant cosmetic bag:

  • Medicated Wash:
    • An all-in-one broad-spectrum antimicrobial cleanser and toner that deep cleans pores to remove oil, dirt, and bacteria.
  • Advanced Skin Lightening Serum: 
    • Patented Hydroquinone USP 2% with L-Ascorbic Acid. An anti-aging and skin brightening serum formulated with Vitamin C and 2% Hydroquinone USP to gradually lighten dark spots.
  • Corrector 2:
    • A skin lightening and correcting cream formulated with 2% hydroquinone USP that gradually lightens dark spots and evens skin texture. 
  • Exfoliant Forte:
    • An enhanced exfolianting lotion that helps improve the texture, tone and smoothness of your skin. by exfoliating dead, surface skin cells.
  • Retinol 1% Night Complex
    • A 1% retinol anti-aging booster uniquely formulated to smooth fine lines, refine pores and prevent wrinkles. 
  • Sheer Broad Spectrum SPF 45:
    • A silky sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection with a sheer, soft touch texture that spread evenly onto your skin. 


1 x 1 Units